Food Hygiene Courses

Certificate in Food Hygiene Awareness - Level 1

The Certificate in Food Hygiene Awareness is a basic qualification appropriate for anybody wishing to have an awareness of food hygiene. It has also been designed to help the food and catering industries to provide training to a safe level for those who perform "low risk" tasks such as clearing tables, maintaining stores, "meals on wheels" and other such similar duties. This qualification is also relevant to employees working in food factories but not in "high risk" sections of the plant.

Fundamentals of Food Hygiene for the Food Industry - Level 2

This qualification is designed principally at those working in all sectors of the food processing and manufacturing industries. The qualification provides the basic knowledge for candidates to be safe food operatives and to be able to play an effective role in a food business operator's food safety management system.

Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene - Level 2

This qualification is designed principally for those who are, or intend to be, food handlers. A food handler is any person, in any type of food business, who handles food, whether open or packaged (food includes drinks and ice). This qualification may also be appropriate for people whose work requires them to enter food premises, e.g. equipment maintenance engineers, off-site business owners/managers and delivery personnel. The aim of this qualification is to provide a basic knowledge of food hygiene.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Holders of this qualification will have knowledge and understanding of the importance of food hygiene, associated food hazards, good hygiene practice and controls based upon an awareness of food safety management systems. Holders will know how to maintain good practice in the handling, processing and preparation of safe food.

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